H2L is a company specialized in the segments that make up the SMART CITIES Ecosystem, ITS, SECURITY, TRAFFIC, PARKING, URBAN, ELECTRIC CHARGING and MOBILITY.

We offer a wide range of SERVICES, tailored to the needs of each client. We provide our experience in INTERNATIONALIZATION and SALES processes, from the exploration phases to the consolidation and growth in specific markets or segments for those who are already our clients.

H2L is composed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in strategic processes, internationalization and sales at both the B2B and B2C levels. Our staff is ready to guide manufacturers to overcome the challenges and reach the preset goals.



At H2L we offer a consulting service, providing our experience of more than 15 years in international markets, to manufacturers who are considering opening or structuring new markets. We work on each project in a UNIQUE way, adapting to the manufacturer's needs, getting involved to achieve the objectives that we define together with our clients.


The H2L Commercial Structure prescribes specialized products and solutions from the H2L ecosystem, catering to both Public Administration and Private clients.


The Project Development Area has been created following the needs found on the market itself. The incorporation of specialized technical profiles in the Mobility, ITS, Smart Cities and Parking segments has been key to respond to these specific requirements, from the definition of projects, technological advice, and the development, execution and certification of H2L ecosystem projects.

Areas of Expertise

H2L's specialization in the ecosystem formed by MOBILITY, SMARTCITIES, SECURITY, TRAFFIC, allows us to have a broad vision of the options offered by the market. 


Bicycle Lane Design, Safety Audits, Technical Certifications.


Development and execution of technological projects.


Traffic Lighting, Free Flow, ZBE, Bicycle Lane Design.


Road Lighting Solutions, Urban Furniture, Electric Chargers.


Guidance Systems, Access Control, Lighting, EV Charge.


CCTV. LPR. Access control.